Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nemeshallen: Bloody Serious

Today was the opening of my exhibition at Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke. It was a sunny day with the smell of early spring in the air and the light was wonderful.

Thank you all who came to the opening!


Daniel Milton said...

Bloody schysst bild med ljuset.

annamaria said...

They really look fantastic!I wish I could see them in person!XX

Aris said...

well Done Alexandra!!!!love the title.

Elin said...

Jag va där idag, faktiskt. Rätt coola ju! =) Speciellt de med snövit, det var verkligen annorlunda!

Fruenswerk said...

Looks SUPER cool :)
Held og lidt langsom i denne tid...haha