Monday, March 21, 2011

giving workshops

the course room at KKV (artist run collective workshops) Göteborg

Today I started the 2,5 days "screenprinting on paper workshop" for master students from HDK (the school of design and crafts) at KKV. I've been giving a lot of short workshops the last years and it's always interesting to see the different types of participants. Mostly I give screenprinting workshops at art schools or to professional artists/designers. The most attentive participants and best listeners are actually very often the most experienced and established - or the total beginners. These two types believe they can learn from me. Then we have the opposite: the participants who think they already master the technique - because they've done it a bit before - and won't listen and don't need any demonstrations and very often fuck up. (there are of course also those who have a clue and know they still might learn new ways of doing things). Will be interesting to see what types I'm having from HDK. (I won't tell you though, because you never know who reads this blog)

Every summer HDK offers an independent course program (which means not just for their own students) and this summer I will teach big format screenprinting. We're still in the planning phase, but by the 1st of April it should all be official - and I'll let you in on the details.

Debu Barve writes about art on his blog.


We Blog Artists said...

Good luck with the course...hmm, yes, it will be interesting to read(in your own words) what type of group you have...hopefully the GOOD listeners!!!

HUGS and a HAPPY SPRING to you.

marie-louise said...

Ojoj, jag skulle bra gärna vilja delta i nån av dina kurser, en screen tex. Varför är det så långt till Göteborg?
Lycka till

gracia said...

Yes, so true from my own experience too. Those at the beginning and those at the other end of the spectrum are very attentive and open and keen.

Big format screenprinting! I would love that.