Thursday, March 10, 2011

exhibition coming up!

Today I posted the invitations to my upcoming exhibition (19 March) at Nemeshallen. This is my fourth separate exhibition within 6 months - so after this one I'll take a break from exhibiting until 2012 (unless I get an offer I can't refuse).


Annton Beate Schmidt said...

very cool invitations!

gracia said...

Fourth! You've been so very busy. I like that particular shade of green with the figure. It really draws your attention to the foreground.

Good luck... and here's to big and great things.


louise said...

Best of luck with the exhibition. I'm sure it will be wonderful. xolj

PS Looks like you had a ball in Paris. I think after enjoying seeing your photos I'm the shade of green in your painting.

asphalt and air said...

looooovvveee the title!
congrats on your show. wishing you big success!
and let's hope for some offers that you can't refuse ;-)
with love from zürich,

nathalie et cetera said...

bloody great!
félicitations et bonne chance!
j'espèere que tu nous montreras quelques photos de l'expo.