Wednesday, February 13, 2013

some photos from my exhibition + review

Yesterday there was a review of my exhibition in Borås Tidning. A review that I'm very happy about! ... and just some minor things that weren't really correct - or misunderstandings; I might not have been as clear about things as I thought (?) (what you might wonder? The ex-Beatle Paul MacCartNEy hasn't had any influence on my art - I mentioned though that an art critique had compared how I treated a subject to Paul MacCarthy... And the only one I've consciously glanced at while painting is Bacon. Saville/Freud are good painters though. And - yes, I've put money aside to be able to put together this exhibition as I've worked for it for two years - being an investment that can't pay off until exhibited - but I wouldn't say I've used my savings ... haven't had any savings the last 10 years making a living as an artist. This said - probably just me who cared or noticed. The important thing after all is that I felt this journalist understood my paintings!)


lale battista said...

congratulations from Argentina, bye

annton said...

it looks extremely good. I am, no cheesy involved, deeply impressed!