Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...like having Leonardo da Vinci as your dad

white balanced photo

in reality the colour tones appears differently because of the light conditions
I'm right now working on a suggestion for a public commission; an art piece to be in the stairs of a school (for students age 6-16). Yesterday I went to the school to check how some colours appear on the actual location,  to make some real life size tests (no, the art piece is not going to be in brown paper ...) and to double check some measurements.  I got some helpers (age around 7-8)  who turned up every break to assist me - and ask questions. Today I realized that some of the measurements were really weird ... but it doesn't matter; as one boy totally made my day:

- Wow - you are an ARTIST! Having you as mum is like having Leonardo da Vinci as your dad! WOW! That is so cool! Do you also construct and invent things?
here I was so tempted to totally lie, but said: 
- I can also build some things, yes

- You are very lucky to not be living in France because there girls are not allowed to be artists at all! At least not 2 years ago.
- I didn't know that, I said

this also made me smile: Famous paintings improved by Cats

.... I'm so cool ....


Alex said...

Very nice project. So cool, and very funny The "french part" where did he get that ??? ;)

Satsuki said...

So funny ! I wonder where his idea about girls not allowed to be artists in France comes from ?
I am sure you will make a great suggestion but I find this is already a really beautiful place for a school… the wood, the plants, the lights… a wonderful place to learn !