Saturday, January 12, 2013

children's book - check!

we all made small folded fanzines as business cards - and gifts
Yesterday I presented my children's book for my class mates and several publishing houses. I got excellent feedback, but as I had expected I was also told it is not an easy story (too dangerous). Both Friday and Thursday were nothing but presentations (all together 16). Everyone had made so great books and it was such a pleasure to see the final results! I would be surprised if not several will end up being published...

This has been the best course I have ever taken and I have learned so much. It's been several years since I studied at university level and now I really think I should take some more independent courses (though I can't expect them to be as great as this one!)

But right now I have to clean my mind and concentrate on writing a short text for my up-comig exhibition. 

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Introverted Art said...

Adorable!!!! This is so creative and I love tiny things!