Monday, October 01, 2012

laughter smells like ...

Laughter smells like pink chewing gum and carnival. 
Laughter stinks of blood and raspberries.

This autumn I'm also taking a course in "Illustrated Children Books". A major part of the course is about writing better texts. We've been doing exercises in intuitive writing that has helped me to write about my laughters (that is my art) in several ways. What laughters smells like, sounds like, metaphors etc. I've been filling paper after paper with text - without any judgments or self censor. Analyses is to come later...  
But I am supposed to write a text for an illustrated Children Book - not my artist statement. So this week I'm sitting down, at home, trying to focus on that task instead.
I might need my hat.

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marie-louise said...

Tuffa och känsliga och starka och instängda. Dina stora akvareller imponerar Alexandra:)