Tuesday, March 06, 2012

spray paint + screen print

spray paint
screen print

I like the idea of things not being what they seem to be. Like this test; spray painting using a cut paper mask, then transferring that image directly to the screen printing printing frame's photo emulsion (without "passing through" the computer) - and then screen print the image on paper...

I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with this, but it will come to me. Could it become my way of doing graffiti? I'm not someone painting on walls (chicken!) unless it's a commission ... check the images in yesterday's post and you'll see that I even had a board behind the glass  - to protect the wall from my spray paint (but i thought the graffiti on the wall looked cool)

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Gracia said...

Me too. Things not appearing what they initially seem is something I like to play with too. I also like playing with hiding all effort.

Looking forward to my next visit here and seeing the new works in all the various stages you choose to share.