Sunday, March 18, 2012

celebration; ice cream and whiskey!

This calls for a celebration:
- my little glass experiments turned out even better than hoped
- one of the artists taking my weekend workshop in screen printing (at KKV) gave me a bottle of Whiskey today because I was such a great teacher (Thank you Åsa - you made me so happy!)
- this is post no 1 000 here on my blogg!

...I'm opening my whiskey ...


Christine Clemmensen said...

Wauw! Tillykke :-) På både glas (så cool), ros og jubilæum :-) Here's to 1000+ post to come! :-) Cheers :o)

mia said...

Congratulations on your glass experiment, your 1000 blog post and being a great teacher. All are worthy of a celebration >_<

marie-louise said...

Vad härligt Alexandra, många grejer att fira:)