Monday, September 12, 2011

concrete cake ready

While waiting for the watercolour to dry I've been unwrapping and checking my little concrete samples in the studio. Now they've hardened enough and can be let to dry. 

I was a bit worried when turning my "cake form" over to get the simplified Snow White out. But it went without any problem! I had made an experiment mixing concrete with different pigments for a painterly effect. It worked on one side only. So it was no big deal I got that crack... The good thing is that I can reuse my form as planned for trying out variations.
this is that horrible horrible concrete dog I wrote about earlier.
Good experiment though; I made a quick kind of relief drawing/shape in soft clay, put plastic wrap on top (so the clay wouldn't suck the water out of the concrete). then put concrete with brownish pigment as dots for nose and eyes, then added normal grey concrete on top. When the dog had hardened for a day I removed it from the form and painted it with yellow brown clay water which reacts in a way with the not yet dried concrete. (if you wanted to know how it was done)
It turned out my son liked it so much better than Snow White above ...


We Blog Artists said...

I really like the snow white!

you're a genius!


marie-louise said...

Vad läckert med betongen. Jag har oxå pysslat en del med detta material och jag gillade det skarpt!
Dina kakor ser spännande ut!

nathalie et cetera said...

j'aime beaucoup! j'ai déjà fait des moules pour le ciment. c'est un procédé très intéressant.