Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cissi's patterns on fabric

My studio neighbour Cissi has been working on a public commission for a preschool at the same time as I have been working on my commissioned art piece (the one in my last post). So I've been following her work in progress for a year and I've been so curious to see the final results. Today I finally got to see Cissi's patterns printed on different fabrics. It might look good on the screen, but it is so so much better in real life!

Unfortunately Cissi is moving to another studio :(
I'll miss you, Cissi!


marie-louise said...

Åhh, det ser ju jättefint ut!

annton said...

Holy Canneloni, I absolutely love it!

Veja cecilia said...

jag kommer sakna dig med vännen. Men jag tar med mig blaskiga kaffe o tittar förbi ibland.
fin bilden framför fönstret belev, et ser nästan ut som vatten då juh.
kul att se dig idag.

gracia said...

Oh, sweet anticipation. It is exciting to see something at last, be it your own work or that of a studio buddy. Seeing the finished piece is a rush. All that work rendered worthwhile. All that trial and error worthwhile.