Thursday, May 12, 2011

more direct ways when screenprinting

Normally when screenprinting I first make a drawing, then I take a photo, then I rework it in Photoshop, then I print it on transparent film on a laser printer (often on architect drawing film which is kind of milky) - and then I transfer the image onto the screenprinting frame. But I've always felt that I wanted to work in a more direct way - take more risks, get happy accidents, be more in touch with the material feeling...
Now I've prepared my originals by painting directly onto the drawing film (to be exposed) with ink - and to erase simply cut away what needed to be erased
The drawing is based on this sketch for my public commission and is made on three separate sheets
this way I can print the image using three screenprinting frames and thus getting the possibility to work bigger

I'll print the third and last part of the drawing tomorrow. But it is not finished then - this is just the beginning; the experimenting bit will be with colour.

To make some tests I chose to work with two different kind of images directly onto the drawing film. The other one is more painterly, and in expression closer to my watercolours.This week I'm just using them to make tests and based on what results I get tomorrow, I'll prepare new images next week when I'll be in the guest studio at the Watercolour Museum 


nathalie et cetera said...

ce processus est vraiment très intéressant. j'aurais beaucoup aimé apprendre les techniques d'impression.

asphalt and air said...

thanks for sharing a bit about your process.
i am now longing to get some ink under my fingernails ;-)