Wednesday, May 04, 2011

more KKV: casted sculptures

At KKV you will always find art pieces under construction - or just placed there for storing or display. The abandoned concrete lady on the electrical cupboard turned out to be a russian modell that Emma Ströde sculptured some years ago. The leg broke and Emma didn't consider the sculpture worth repairing. I didn't recognise it to be a work by Emma - the little fairy tale animals in bronze are much more like what I know by her. 

Emma is one of the responsible for the bronze casting workshop at KKV - here you can see her in action. Last year I lent her some material for making an enamel and in return she gave me a piece of wax to make a wax model so she would cast me a little bronze figure. I've been looking at this piece of wax for a year now ...  I've set end of May 2011 as my deadline for making something out of it ...

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nathalie et cetera said...

j'aime beaucoup la première photo!