Wednesday, June 23, 2010

drawing portrait

to get a much needed break from Snow White I spent the day working on a commissioned portrait drawing.

Why do all the portrait awards seem to be rewarding realistic, kind of kitschy - and very boring portraits? Technique seems to be the main focus. See for example Brewer J.C.Jacobsen's Portrait Award for Nordic Artists (check the winners from 2009. There is an open call for 2011 for Nordic artists). Same goes for BP Award as well (just a few exceptions). It's such a pity ... Because it can't be because those are the only sort of portraits being made, can it?


Esti said...

I like portraits that capture the psyche or that undress all realistic features and still makes the person recognizable. I wish more realistic portraits to be more ironic too.

●• Thereza said...

i agree about portrait awards being a bit dull... they tend to be quite traditional.

gracia said...

A shift in focus is always good. Looking at something else for a spell will bring forward the solution. I have not collaged with paper and scissor and glue for some time (I am working digitally) otherwise I fear I would make the same composition many times over.

For me, I like a portrait that conveys a sense of the person, their soul.

Happy drawing!

nathalie et cetera said...

je pense que pour faire un bon portrait, il faut de la technique, mais il faut aussi déborder de cette technique afin de bien capturer l'essence du modèle. Je crois que tu le réussis très bien avec ce dessin.