Tuesday, June 29, 2010

screen printing book

I've had Screen printing - the complete water-based system for several years now and it is still the best book on screen printing I've come across. I highly recommend it! My Snow White colouring pages (some, not all) are to become screen prints in August, after my summer vacations. Some of the prints will be larger than I've printed before so I've ordered a new frame (70 x 100 cm)!


We Blog Artists said...

sounds like a worth while book to invest in!
I have only ever done screen printing when I was doing my Foundation course...that was a LONG time ago.
Have a great week

Christine Clemmensen said...

Det lyder spændende med stort format. Det glæder jeg mig til.
Tak for bog-anbefaling

●• Thereza said...

looking forward to seeing the screenprints of this series... looks incredible!

nathalie et cetera said...

J'ai trouvé le livre sur Amazon. J'ai gardé le lien on ne sait jamais. Merci pour la référence!
J'ai hête de voir les screen prints de tes princesses!

gracia said...

70 x 100 cm! Now that is very exciting. I am looking forward to seeing those pieces, both process and end result, here on your blog.

Enjoy those summer hols, in the meantime.

louise said...

I think they will make fantastic screen prints. It's a medium I've always been curious to employ bbut as yet have not.