Tuesday, February 23, 2010

... and some thanks

my studio window today: geranium inside and icicles outside.

I'm very happy for the great feedback on the first interview in my Art as Business Series. Thank you! But I can not take all the credit... Aimee and Hector both independely came with the suggestion that I start this interview series - and without Aimee's feed-back on my questions I would never have asked so smart - and well formulated - questions.

And what would the interview have been without Gracia's honest and interesting answers?

Next interview will be presented already on Sunday!


aimee said...

stunning photo. thanks for the mention!

gracia said...

Yes, stunning photo... and looking forward to next Sunday's post. Thank you so much for posing these questions. It was one enjoyable challenge.

Est said...

iI can't wait to read next interview!