Thursday, February 04, 2010

10 meters to start

to start my intense painting period I decided to use my role of 10 meter rice paper: just go crazy, no rules, no need to accomplish anything. And be really fast doing it.

What's good painting on rice paper is that it is harder to overwork (it will brake) and that the colour is bleeding like crazy (less control). And as I only use watercolour and Indian ink I can role the paintings (easier to store!) I've been home with sick kid today and yesterday, but have anyway only one meter left to paint! Ok - I said no rules - but I put a theme: superheroes and super-villains (for my exhibition in November).


●• Thereza said...

i never tried rice paper... looks interesting :D

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

is the top one a self portrait? seems like it could be :-)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I understad why you think it might be a self portrait - but no it's not.

maybe I should make a selfportrait? I haven't for many years now.