Tuesday, September 22, 2009

long day

I had a long day:
07:00 waking up
08:30 out running
10:00 KKV screenprinting with Camilla
17:00 taking photos of my prints, enamels and glass - and a collegue's art work
18:00 glass meeting and demonstration of drills and other equipement
20.30 late dinner at KKV discussing how to improve the glass workshops
21.30 Home and turning on the computer ... and here I am!

... tomorrow I'll show you what I screenprinted!


aimee said...

a long but worthwhile day! wow you did a lot!

marie-louise said...

Intensivt och kul skulle jag säga!

asphalt and air said...

oh drool!
i am so envious of your screenprinting day.
i miss it so much.
can't wait to see what you have created!

nathalie et cetera said...

I love those well filled days. KKV seems to be a very nice place to create. Looking forward to see what you did.