Thursday, August 06, 2009

finally enamel

More than half a year ago I was working on this series of drawings - "en vogue". Today four of them finally found their final form as enamels. (see enamel process). I wanted them to look so effortless, like por supuesto (of course), but they sure weren't effortless to make. To screenprint on slightly convex and shiny enamels made me curse. And start over - and start over. I finally figured out that I needed three different squeegees and to print in three complicated movements after each other (like martial art). But when they came out of the kiln I sure was happy!

Maybe I had problems concentrating today because I wished I were somewhere else?
- Thereza is opening her show in London
- Camilla and Karin are showing their latest collaboration at manos outside Stockholm


Camilla Engman said...

vad kul. Med text?

Lotte said...

WOW...I love these...:) and the new header and that little superwoman in the sidebar ;))))

●• Thereza said...

awww you know how much i love this series. so great to see it in its final form! beauties...please share some more photos!
yes, you were there with me yesterday :)
thanks for the encouragement!

marie-louise said...

Fint med emalj! och underbart att de klarar väder och vind.

nathalie et cetera said...

As Thereza says: more photos please! I love these!