Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life of loose ends

I call it "lole" - life of loose ends. To me it means projects I haven't finished because I've had to prioritize other things. But I really try to finish them - I hate to not complete my work and let all that invested time and energy become nothing.

I had reserved this week for my children's book project ( I haven't touched it since January!) but with the first two days of the week came some urgent paperwork. Today I finally managed to sit down and have a look at my draft with fresh eyes. I simplified the story and found some obvious problems. Sometimes it can be really good to leave things untouched for a while.


Christine Clemmensen said...

Helt enig. Det føles godt at afslutte projekter. Jeg kan godt huske den lille fyr her :-) Glæder mig til at se hvor han går hen nu.
Hav en god dag, Alexandra

Laura said...

i agree. time can allow for clarity. love the little figures, very endearing.

Veja cecilia said...

jag vet inte om det är något för dig, men det finns en barnbokstävling på:

Alexandra Hedberg said...

tack för tipset, Cecilia!