Wednesday, July 23, 2008

not so focused

every day I walk by this painting - I'm dying to add that final touch to it. But I have to wait. I have so may to do-lists that I made a to do-list for the to do-lists. But I'm not the only one moving away to start over; Kristi is changing Portland, Oregon for Zürich. I move in a month, she'll move in a week. It will be interesting to follow our parallel paths.

I work day and night right now with the arranging and preparing so I'll (cross your fingers) get the time to make a big enamel triptych and three new screenprints at KKV before I move. That also means there will be less posts here. Probably.


Veja cecilia said...

Dina bilder är helt fantastiska!

Anonymous said...

it looks a bit freakish... but nevertheless worth a look... good luck...

asphalt and air said...

Alexandra, i did the exact same thing before leaving. i booked my calendar completely full of creative assignments and spent a lot of time in my "safe" places.
it felt really good to be busy with art-making and it kept my mind from going crazy with moving plans and anxiety.
i'm wishing you many good hours of art-making before you leave for London.
my art supplies are all packed by now. i feel a little bit empty.
but not too much longer and my supplies and me will be reunited in Zurich!

●• Thereza said...

ohhh 'to do lists'...mine are endless... i might follow your idea of make a to do list of to do lists :D

are you excited about the move?!! yay!