Thursday, July 17, 2008

back from London

a week of apartment-hunting is over.
a week of walking many streets
a week of splendid French hospitality and food staying at friends' place
a week of seeing shitty apartments and finally finding one that will do.

The top photo is the view from our friends' place - doesn't it look kind of French?.


asphalt and air said...

you survived!
one week of apartment hunting! what an ordeal. at least you've found something...and now you won't have to live in a squat!
it'll be all right. it won't have to be forever, it's just a place to get your footing.

●• Thereza said...

cool! glad you found somewhere eventually. i know how though it is to find a decent place to live!

didi you stick to south east london?

i'm happy for you anyway :)

Christine Clemmensen said...

Sounds great, that you found a place:) When will you move there?

I tagged you for 6 things you like today:) I hope you will play - please see more info on my blog:) Happy Friday

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Tiny red, We did stick to southeast London - mostly because our friends are living there. We'll be living just next to Crystal Palace park. It's green... and not too expensive which was very very important. And we'll make it look great! we'll move in four weeks.

happy for me anyway?

●• Thereza said...

hey, i only said 'anyway' because i didn't know where you had got a place to live in the end... i'm VERY happy for you and give us a bell anytime so we can meet up for a drink in the city!
i'm sure you're going to make it look great, you're very talented!
all the best!