Thursday, January 24, 2008

nice weather

Yesterday I biked across town - rain, 2 degrees Celsius - to my mother's place to borrow her car. After half an hour on the highway - pissing rain - I went for a smaller road - rain, 0 degrees Celsius, snow on some parts of the road - turning in sharp curves with occasional crazy truck drivers. Finally (a bit shaky) I reached my first destination: Sprakared Enamel Factory. Last time I was there it was warm and sunny in September.

Sprakared Enamel Factory has existed for more then 100 years - and probably hasn't changed much. It's an amazing place. Yesterday some Danish artists were visiting planning some enamel work and getting the full tour. I collected my well packed enamels (for the commission and for my own work) and got back on the road. Leaving the little village Kinnahult I got on the road to Borås - snow mixed rain, 0 degrees Celsius, windy - also known as the "death road" (maaaany accidents). Without any problems (even though I took photos while driving. Bad blurry photos.) I arrived in Borås.

I left some newly framed prints at Galleri Jeanette Ölund (new website!) and picked up two big paintings left from my exhibit in October. After chatting and coffee I got back behind the wheel, squeezed behind the wheel (big paining in the car). I got clumsy shifting the gear - snowing - because lack of space - and some weird snow under my shoes glued them to the pedals. Anyhow: now it was just the highway home - snowstorm.

Last night I was very tired. I don't do much driving (though I like it) and my mother's car is brand new. (I was a bit tense and very attentive all day)

Today I opened my well packed enamels. The 14 enamels for the commission were without holes. There were supposed to be holes. Four on each enamel. Not zero. I always check my orders when I get them normally. Why not this time? I didn't show any temper when I called Sprakared Enamel Factory, just smiled - thinking about driving in shitty weather.They said they'll fix it. And have it delivered to KKV here in Göteborg for me.

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mansuetude said...

love these places, photos... and your post... gritty, strong~ ! It very real.!