Monday, January 07, 2008

back to work

So I'm back to work. I've missed it.

I have a (small) separate exhibit in the end of February, which actually turns out to be sooooon. And I need to do some serous cleaning in my studio (totally make-over cleaning). And I have to pull myself together and do some marketing (I just keep making all this art without trying to sell it ...) It will be fun!

How do you make a good website when you have a lot of material to show and work in different materials - and don't want to give a too "split" impression? Josh Keyes has this website where you need to do a lot of scrolling down down down down. I find that kind of annoying - what do you think? (I like his paintings though;))

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Hellie said...

Hej again,
Du har lagt in länken till Josh site fel... Men jag tycker att lite scroll är ok - typ 10 tavlor men INGEN kommer att orka skrolla mer... Vi kan ju prata om det..
Natt natt.