Saturday, November 03, 2007

rewarding myself

Yesterday I bought myself this big watercolour set. I've had my eyes on it for some time now and had promised myself to get it as a reward if my exhibit went ok. I sold most of my watercolour/acrylics - so the reward makes sense. I had actually not been very fond of watercolours other then for sketches when on journeys - until I started teaching it last autumn. I had - of course - to give it a chance again. I made some small portraits I didn't mind (as I'm not into lanscapes and such) and reminded myself that I really appreciate Lars Lerin (I don't find a website - maybe he has none?).

BUT: the turning point came when I saw Joachim Carlsson's exhibit "Rak Regnbåge"at Galleri Thomassen in April. Big, mixed media, playful.

Just a month later I started making my own mixed media watercolours. Thanks Joachim!

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m.flowerr said...

there you go!