Thursday, November 29, 2007

enamel: day 3

Today I made some radical changes in an enamel. Spray painted over a figure and added something totally different. It goes in a very different direction now (top photo with blue superhero). I like the contrast between the painterly blue and the even cartoon surface. It's about the two different ways you can go in enamel. I'm starting to discover the potential in this - for me - relatively new media.

And - again - what looks nice before being in the oven - becomes something dull. It's because I use these unfamiliar enamel colours that we all can buy a little from. They've been bought for the courses over the years. The oldest are from the 70's...

This week Ditte Johansson has been working next to me at KKV; some big painted and fused glass that will be part of a public commission. The last photo is a close up of one of her screening frames. She put the glass in one oven on Tuesday - and another oven yesterday. I'm very curious to see the result. But she was not to come until tonight to open both ovens. I have to wait till tomorrow. Let's hope she left them there for me to see.

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Camilla Engman said...

wow, här händer det grejer! Bra jobbat Alexandra.