Sunday, November 07, 2010

Art as Business: no time to think

there has been and is this constant flow of things for me to do this autumn:
  • 2 Exhibitions
  • several studio visits (selling art)
  • seminars and networking days to arrange
  • several workshops to teach
  • a public commission to sketch for
  • meetings for upcoming projects
...I barely have the time to handle it all. There is no time for me to think and very little time for planning ahead. The good thing though, is that money is coming my way - and that I should be able to work for a more concentrated time in my studio in spring ... without having financial worries. I'm hoping that - NO - I will make sure that -  I also get enough time for thinking and long term planning. And sharing it with you, of course.


when skies are grey said...

so busy! that's how my October was, trying to find some moments to enjoy the fall. It's tough!

Daniel Milton said...

Money coming our way is the best. Cheers to success!

aimee said...

Then, this is the best Art as Business post yet! So busy with work you don't have time to reflect on it - that says success to me! All of your preparation and planning are paying off. Congrats!