Monday, November 01, 2010

final decisions

I changed the dear for a wolf - so much more "me"
On Friday I should be ready with my sketch for the Public Art Piece for the school. Then I'll present my idea for the art-consultants (artists) who chose me for the job. The "real presentation" isn't until December 3, but it is good to check with them ahead of time that the idea is working. The art-consultans are "on my side" so to say.

If they haven't got any major objections (could be practical ones) I'll just write the budget, time plan and an explanatory text about my idea. And make the sketch a little more polished. And build a model. The rest of November I'll also hang my exhibition and be at my opening, give a 3 day-screen printing workshop, guest-teach a week, give a one day workshop (has to be prepared!) in connection with my exhibition, check all the notes from the seminars on the quality concept and write a text based on them, plus arrange a lecture- and networking day - so let's hope they won't have any major objections.

This written - I'll be back to blogland after Friday. Cross your fingers!


Two Tigers said...

Fingers crossed! Sounds like you are very busy - but busy is good, yes?

marie-louise said...

Åh, vad mycket roligt du håller på med!
Detta ser jätte spännande ut.
Lycka till med allt:)

gracia said...

Yep, it had to be a wolf.

●• Thereza said...

wow! been missing so much from my friends blogs... working on a big(ish) commission at the moment and lots of sleepless nights and no time for catching up :(
everything looks ace around here, as usual. hope you're keeping well dear friend