Wednesday, November 17, 2010

model building

this "little model" can be divided into three pieces to make it easier to carry. Silver tape is awesome, by the way.
two children and a small tree to be placed in front of the model

The other week I had a meeting with the art consultants (artists) who had picked me for making a suggestion for a public art piece for a school. [I've had so much to do since then that I haven't blogged about it - but it did happen and they had no objections!]

These days I'm fixing the last details for my presentation in two weeks. I'm making a "model" - if you can call it that. It's BIG - because I consider it important with size to get the idea (after all the wall is approx 24 meters long)  And basically I'm just making it 2 dimensional. It's got s feeling of theatre set over it, doesn't it?


Julia da Franca said...

yes it does! looks like a stage model and i'm excited
what the result will be. oh and i would love to see all your exhibitions, but i'm in between in germany...
wish you luck, just for everything, julia

Christine said...

Hvor ser det superspændende ud:-) Jeg er vild med at se din arbejdsprocess.
(Og ja - jeg er også stor fan af "gaffa-tape" som det hedder på dansk. Hvad hedder det på svensk?

God arbejdslyst:) Jeg glæder mig til at følge med i processen