Tuesday, November 30, 2010

preparing workshop

Tomorrow I will give a workshop at Mimers Hus where I'm having my present exhibition. It's going to be about stereotypes and the unexpected. The kids (16-17 years old) will get the task to remake male Superheroes and Disney Princesses based on imagery from fashion magazines, lifestyle magazines and the sports pages. We are going to turn it around; the male characters are going to try the female poses and situations - and vice versa. Or it could just be everyday situations that you are not expecting to see them in (has to be unexpected though - Snow White shouldn't set the table!). And it's going to be cut outs and they will be allowed to traces the figures from the magazines (it's about ideas, not technical skills)

I've prepared some example of how to you can think (above): two superheroes having dinner and Batman posing after an add for perfume. The female examples we'll see in my exhibition.

I'm still a bit feverish, snotty and with a very soar throat ... but being self employed means I'll have to work anyway. Good thing it's going to be fun!


Kristen Donegan said...

what a fantastic idea and especially for that age group as identity is such a strong theme for the teen, not to mention stereotypes in the media- I love it!

Veja cecilia said...

vad roligt de kommer få på den workshopen!

Momo Luna said...

Yes, it sure sounds like fun. Great idea, i love it a lot, and i am curious what the teens will come up with.
Your examples are wonderful and fun also.

I wish you succes and hope you'll feel better.

gracia said...

How I would have loved to participate in that workshop at that age (or any, really)... and I hope you feel better soon.

pRiyA said...

That sounds like a really fun and interesting workshop. I hope you'll blog the results for us to see.

Fruenswerk said...

I just love those super cut outs girl...:))))