Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Wearing clumsy mittens, juggling on a unicycle on a cord. Shaky.

Sometimes I feel I have too many things going on. Am I going to drop a ball? Here you can learn how to juggle. On ball is easy, two balls: still OK - more balls: HARD! But as I do have balls (even though I'm a girl) - I'll check what I do not NEED to do right now and not do that. Blogging might be getting a little bit less these days!


mansuetude said...

i feel a bit similiar to your image! I was saying something like that yesterday to a friend. ;)

gracia said...

I know that feeling all too well... best of luck with juggling everything.

sandra said...

ååå hahaha helt underbar bild!

asphaltandair said...

this collage is excellent.
yes, i often feel like a juggler.
and yes, i often throw my hands up in the air and let the balls drop to the floor.
good luck with your juggling act.
i hope that you can find the laughter in it all.

Esti said...

That feeling is oh sooo familiar to me. Juggler and marathon woman is how I feel sometimes. But wouldn't life be a lot more boring if we didn't try it? I wish you luck with your juggling, ;)