Wednesday, January 21, 2015

showing size

I've been trying out different ways of showing the size of my art pieces when taking photos (or in the case of the upper photo; the size of the hand tufted Christmas tree I made for home - which is not an art piece). For me the size is obvious, of course, but not to others. For example I recently found one of my big drawings (1 x 1,5 m) pinned on Pinterest with the comment that it was from my sketchbook. And of course it could have been that small. Many times it doesn't even help to write the size - people don't look or they just assume. Like with my huge watercolour paintings; I've been offered to exhibit those paintings in really small places because they just assumed they were small - even though I had stated the sizes ...

Anyhow, it doesn't always look effortless or natural when you try to add something - like yourself (and being the 
photographer at the same time it is just guessing and many trials before getting it right).

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