Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Museum of Public Art

Last month I went to Lund and visited the Museum of Public Art together with the students at the course in Public Art - Gestaltningsprocesser - at KKV (I'm teaching the screen printing part). I hadn't been there for like 15 years and it's so worth the visit. The museum has a fantastic collection of sketches and models for Public Art Pieces from both Sweden and the rest of the world. Right now they are constructing a section for Mexican murals! 
different ways of sketching, constructing models and parts of the work process - very interesting for artists to look at, of course.

Huge sketches by Matisse for the chapel in Vence-

Sketch for Mexican mural.

close up

paintings by Sonia Delaunay (sketches for murals), among others.

Plaster model for mould for sculpture by Henry Moore

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