Wednesday, November 06, 2013

not taking anything for granted

The Portal is to come with some theatre curtains. Right now, when just having a month to finish it all, I'm very thankful I was so very thorough when I sketched for this commission - I know what fabrics to use, where to buy them - and how they look in different light. It feels good not to have to worry about that. 

The only thing that freaks me out a bit now, is that I promised the portal would come with a story ... and being me everything I'm coming up with at this point is dark and not very suitable for small children. I thought it would be great to connect this art piece with the new knowledge I got through the course I took a year ago in Illustrated Children Books - especially as this very preschool works with the fairytale, the story, as a central theme in the pedagogic. This way I will be able to really work with the Story/fairy tale as a concept. 

Well, we'll see about that. I can of course always come up with something but I'ld rather not deliver something dull or worse: overly moralizing. 


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