Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wall painting project with school-kids again

Yesterday was the last day of a wall painting project I've been leading at a school in Alingsås; giving the school toilets that special touch ... Above are some of the results.

One of these paintings was made by the math teacher (who was also present at class as my support) - can you guess which one?

my last similar project was two years ago (last year I concentrated on my own art making)


Doux Rêveurs said...

The ladie face ? very nice work, happy students!

Unknown said...

Is it the first one? The one with lines...very geometrical and maths-y.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

She (the math teacher) made the dancing pink couples in the last photo

Suzanne Dyck said...

Painting a wall differently can add a lot of character and value to one's property. It's not just merely for changing the color and aura of a room. But looking at these photos, you definitely exceeded the purpose of painting walls. And you helped those kids practice their drawing and painting skills with this creative and purposeful project. Good job! >> Suzanne @