Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art as Business: the return

I have for some time been thinking about restarting my Art as Business series and now - in two weeks - I will!

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback lately (even though it's been some time since I wrote the majority of those posts) which now made me decide for sure. I plan to review some books, interview artists and galleries, go studio visiting - and more. But I would also like to ask you, my readers, if there is something in particular you would be interested in?

this is your chance to come with a request!


Julia da Franca said...

hello dear alexandra, i really have a request. i would love to read about women artists in the countryside, with cities /galleries far away... and only a few other artists around. how do they handle that, what do they do if they have long struggling phases (like me at the moment). how do they "feed" themselves with needed power to go on. are they always in the lucky mode being enough for themselves etc. thank you a lot for the possibility to ask questions, all the best, julia

Daniel Milton said...

Yes, welcome back!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Julia - thanks for a great suggestion. I'll start looking into it!

Alyn Carlson said...

Just found you through Pinterest. What a great blog. Have you had any luck with including Pinterest in your business goals as an artist? I'm just starting to research it and it seems to still be an untapped area.