Tuesday, October 18, 2011

laughing at myself

I was lifting the jar of gesso (a primer with the consistency of yoghurt, but more sticky and fast drying) by the lid - but it wasn't fastened properly... I dropped it, but kind of caught it again in a juggling kind of way and managed to get the content to fly up the ceiling, and then down all over me: in my hair, covered my face (really covered) and all over my clothes. A good amount hit the walls as well. After checking I hadn't destroyed any art piece I just laughed and laughed. Luckily I was wearing my studio clothes. But my hair will stay whitish for a while.

today Cissi mounted her commission 


annton said...

I am laughing too, but be assured, it is laughing with you, not at you. these things need to be taken with humor and a good glass of wine at dinner time afterwards. I do feel with you!

Veja cecilia said...

det där skulle man ha velat se!
tack för länken:) Det känns så skönt nu när det faktiskt är klart!