Monday, July 04, 2011

going to fix that mess

This is the last week of work before summer vacation and I've reserved this time for reorganizing and fixing my studio! I'll be painting the floor and some furniture white and finally think through my storage system - I'm a very chaotic person so I really need a better system or I will get back to this point again in no time. 


gracia said...

For now I will have to imagine the mess you refer to. (My internet connection keeps dropping in and out, much to my frustration).

Good luck with the organising shuffle. It can be good or rather necessary to do and great things await.

Enjoy your summer holds too.

g xo

●• Thereza said...

but i LOVE seeing your 'messy' studio :)
have a wonderful holiday! i'll be needing one pretty soon.

aimee said...

i love this picture more than i can possibly say. this is outstanding!