Sunday, October 03, 2010

no networking post

crossing the bridge going to the studio yesterday morning

I've felt like in bubble wrap lately - too much to do and keep in my head in not enough time - I can not breath. I gasp for air. To then - in addition to everything else - give myself the task to write certain posts for my blog isn't very wise.

It will come, I promise. It is important for myself to sort it out, to ponder about networking - but it will have to wait a bit.


Gisizee said...

Oh, Alexandra, I totally understand! It is so easy to get weighed down and "bubble-wrapped" by too many obligations. The most important ones will be obvious, and should get your full attention. All else can wait. Best to you - and breathe!

Daniel Milton said...

Ja men då väntar vi. Ta det lugnt!