Monday, December 07, 2009

Art as Business: Progress Report III

Yet another month has passed. So what has happened?

I’m starting to see some results from my hard work trying to get some more public commissions. Last week we had another lunch meeting presenting public commissions – and I think one of the contacts might lead somewhere (but that’s just a hunch). But some things I know for sure
  • The tenant owners’ association gave me the first part of the commission; in Mid January I’ll present detailed sketches, material sample (one enamel with motive) and suggested colours. If they still are pleased then they’ll order enamels for their 38 entrances!
  • In spring I’ll work on a mural for a school - together with schoolchildren (age 15)
  • Next week I’m having a meeting with several people in a municipal discussing commissioned art for schools to be constructed/renovated. The projects haven’t started yet and it is really good to be part of the discussions early on.
  • I learned that a project leader who visited our first lunch meeting had been promoting me for a commission for school/preschool. I don’t know if it will lead somewhere right now, but it means people are getting aware of my work.
  • Verified date for my autumn separate exhibition in Falun (October 2010)
  • Follow-up calls gave me verification that two Art Galleries run by municipals want me to exhibit there, but they couldn’t yet verify dates, but it should be in 2011
  • I visited gallery Jeanette Ölund in person. She mentioned we should talk soon about getting me an exhibition again. (Better not press it. She knows I’m interested)
  • I’ve gotten some good time in my studio lately and mid January – end February will be reserved for painting as well. This is crucial in order to get somewhere – my little separate exhibition in May has to be better than good.

I have set my mind on exhibiting in either one of two good galleries here in Gothenburg (let’s call them Gallery X and Y). But visiting the galleries and showing photos of my work isn’t the right strategy. (They have at least one person doing that EVERY day). I’m exhibiting at Göteborgs Konstförening - in the small gallery - in May. I will until then regularly visit Gallery X and Y and make sure they notice me – and then invite them to my exhibition in May (and hope I can convince them to go – and that they’ll love my work!). Gallery X already knows I’m an artist and my name, I’ll just have to keep it up. Gallery Y recognises me as a regular gallery visitor, but I have to become more than that.

Christmas and New Year is coming - and then I'll probably not see much progress as much isn't happening anywhere. My next Progress Report will therefore not be until 31 of January 2010.

Next Art as Business will about Networking 2

CONFESSION: I am right now very tired of being such a good girl and all the discipline. You might have noticed I'm not much fun these days. Should I just leave it all and go hitch-hiking? Just be on the road, but not trying to get anywhere special, just see where I end up...


karin said...

I like it how detailed you describe it all. Yes, it's sometimes just boring and nerving to do this acquise. Hard work.
Thank you for writing about your experiences. I find it very refreshing to read it when somebody writes about how it real works :)

Marchi Wierson said...

Definitely add some fun factor. I need my friends to help me with this. Isn't that what mardi Gras is all about. People have to go a little bit wacky sometimes!!!!

Anonymous said...

At first instinct I would say yes absolutely we all have to reward ourselves for good behavior!

But on the other hand, it's too cold outside for hitchhiking... so maybe you should postpone that a bit.

Rynke said...

Love it again! It's inspiring to see step by step what you have accomplished :)

Don't forget to have fun! So go out and buy icecream right now!! :)

marie-louise said...

Hårt jobb...
Var ska du ställa ut i Falun, kan det vara Galleri SE?

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Marie-Louise, Jag skall ställa ut på Galleri Hörnan (det var faktsikt de som kontaktade mig. Alltid trevligt)

nathalie et cetera said...

You've set up big goals for yourself. I admire that very much. And it seems to be rewarded after all. I hope you find some time to rest a little during the holidays.

Titti said...

Jag känner igen det du beskriver. Det är lite lurigt med utveckling. Driver man för hårt så kanske man når resultat men det blir mer en disciplin- och måstefråga än en vilje- och lustsådan.

Alla lackar ur av att ha för strama tyglar.

Jag önskar dig lycka till.

Ana Gonzalez said...

You are very hard-working Alexandra. I am glad that all your projects go out for you as these orders about which you speak. This discipline is going to give his fruits, lasts a time mas until all this consolidated mas. Luck!!.

Kitty Kilian said...

Just Keep it up!