Wednesday, November 11, 2009

trees or wild animals

Yesterday when I met this tenant owner's organisation I came with two new ideas:
- either a series of enamels with leaf trees as motives
- or common wild (land) animals (from the region)

... these ideas had actually been my first thoughts when I saw the surroundings (a very green area with a feeling of closeness to nature), but I had instead followed the subject I was suggested (sea). But then everyone didn't like that...(note to self: listen to myself!)

They liked the idea of the animals best. I agreed: that is a motive more easily understood by everyone (children as well)... but a part of me thought it would be extra fun to make the animals as road kills; flat hedgehog, squashed fox etc. But of course I can not do that... at least 80 % of the tenants should preferably be pleased with the art pieces!

(you might wonder why I take these kind of commissions though. I'll let you know tomorrow!)

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Veja cecilia said...

verkar bli ett roligt jobb det där:)