Monday, June 22, 2009

summer circles

note to self: remember to take time off now and then not to miss out on summer.

Connected to my butterflies: "the great contemporary art bubble" by ben lewis - can be watched at svtplay and you could watch it a BBC iplayer before.


Anairam said...

Your summer circles are lovely. Here it is cold and miserable and I long for strawberries and cream and flower garlands and butterflies, especially naughty ones that sit on models' faces ... (PS I do not know who is choosing the new word - I think Jenna left without saying!)

Alexis said...

Lovely, lovely!

marie-louise said...

Ja, nu är det verkligen sommar och då hinner man inte titta in till sina bloggvänner som vanligt:)

Esti said...

summer is so brief. let's not miss it, ok?

Rynke said...

Good reminder :)

Lovely strawberries!!