Thursday, April 02, 2009

sun and screenprinting

I'm up from the basement for now, but I promise I'll go and dig up some other stuff later. Having spent so much time in the dark (basement) I was almost blinded by the spring sun today. I've been screenprinting at KKV all day. I think I got some influences from the finds in the basement - there is definitely something 50's over the colours I chose today.

Tomorrow night and all Saturday and Sunday I'll be giving a screenprinting workshop for fellow artists at KKV. I have the experience of teaching wild toddlers, reluctant or focused teenagers, happy amateurs and devoted art students - but never other artists . I wonder if it will be different?


aimee said...

these look marvelous! screenprinting is an elusive process to me - i'd like to take a class one day to find what it's all about.

marie-louise said...

Härligt Alexandra!
Jag har också satt igång med denna underbara teknik. Har längtat efter det i flera år och nu äntligen.

Om vi bodde närmare kunde du vara min lärare!

gracia said...

I wonder too... I wager it'll be about the same... and that perhaps you'll make a new discovery as well.

And, yes, that looks to be charmingly reminiscent of the 50s colour palette.

Good luck and happy weekend.

●• Thereza said...

it'll be wonderful!! i wish i could join you. loove screenprinting.. unfortunately i'm not very good at it. maybe a workshop with you would help improve my skills...
love the 50's colours.

have a nice weekend!

Esti said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall there and watch you teaching them... I wonder too... will you find new ways or ideas?