Sunday, March 29, 2009

found in the basement 1

Lately it's been so much me me me and my exhibit. So let's take a break from that and see what treasures you can find in the basement:

La Petite
Swedish Luxury Matches

Tiny little matchboxes with tiny little matches. But not all the original boxes are there - others have been added. And they have also that little special feeling over them.

Stay tuned for " found in the basement" part 2 - same place and time, tomorrow night.


aimee said...

cool find - i love little matchboxes. these are little pieces of art themselves!

P.K said...

the matchboxes are beautiful, especially the one with the red sun

gracia said...

Treasure indeed... very sweet colours.

●• Thereza said...

gorgeous little treasure!

hope you had a rest and a nice weekend? :)

Esti said...

i like their size; it makes them the more interesting :)

Fine Little Day said...

Vilka skatter!