Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mobile: ready

So, now I've put the mobile in the mail. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday - to Portugal.

Meg, at elsie marley, posted some of her favorites from the swap a week ago. Birds is a popular theme in mobiles - but I've never seen one with laughter. This one is sweet. See more at the Flickr group. I'm not posting any photos there (of my contribution) until I think the package has arrived to one lucky girl (moi, self critical? - non, jamais).


mansuetude said...

I love it!!! to get all those little portraits at once. A great gift. I read a few blogs from portugal, can't wait to

was looking at that Viking link, and maps a bit last night--so much to little time. Love the old maps, the old routes of conectedness.

marie-louise said...

Så kul, vilken humor!
Och jag kan tänka mig att du hade roligt när du gjorde den.

ana ventura said...

It's here :) Thanks so much! I love it.
Please see here:

Esti said...

This is such a great idea!

yonska said...

this is wonderfull! I love it :)
and I Like Your art very much!

Ola said...

good stuff, but if I was just 1 month younger it would scare the shit out of me!