Monday, September 20, 2010

painting the house

Today was the first day for me working on my sketch for the Public Commissioned Art Piece. I made a drawing in 1:10 and painted it with the right NCS colours. The wall is approx 8 meters high and 23 meters broad and is the end part of a longer school building under construction.

Then I looked. The wall is green and kind of dark.  The building is very, very squarish.

I want to break it up, to make something that is not just on the surface, but that changes the way you perceive the building. Hm... (and naked Snow Whites and blood and ... No. It's a school for children age 6-11. I  would never get that approved.)

[The post Networking with Artists II in my series Art as Business is under construction and will be posted next Sunday.]


Daniel Milton said...

Oj, satan vad stort!

marie-louise said...

Vad spännande!!!

aimee said...

something tells me you'll find just the right thing to break it up, even if you can't use naked snow whites!