Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lego Art?

No, I just had to take photos of the son's lego installation again. He will not clean up his stuff unless we take photos to save it for the after world. It's big constructions and with very important details  - like one man missing a hand. I have a folder in the computer called "constructions" and he wants to check his photos there now and then ... Secretly delete some photos? No, won't work. He's got an elephant's memory.

I was interviewed By Char at We Blog Artists


Veja cecilia said...

vad roligt att läsa om dig, å vad fint du länkat till mig. Blir smått rörd.

●• Thereza said...

brilliant! i love his constructions lego art :)
psst, really enjoyed your interview and was blushing by the kind mention too. thank you!

Esti said...

ha,ha... My Nutella makes me take pictures of everything she draws, builds or makes. That's why she got her own camera as birthday gift :)