Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2 walls 2 exhibitions

This week I am deciding on what to exhibit in my two upcoming separate exhibitions (in October and November). The exhibitions are overlapping and they have therefore to be different.

I use one wall in my studio for the November exhibition red as blood, black as night, white as snow (the title works better in Swedish: Blodrött, Nattsvart, Snövitt) which is going to consist of my Snow Whites (not in the photo), Superheroes and girls with ears (Disney and Japanese style). I use the other wall for seeing how the paintings and enamels for my October exhibition Images of happiness work together. Of course the gallery spaces are bigger than my studio walls - but it is just to get the idea.

I am very happy to be listed no 1 (before for example Design Sponge's Biz Ladies Series) of The Top Five Artist Entrepreneur Blogs on Guide to Online MBA!


marie-louise said...

Gud vad härligt, du är på G Alexandra!!!!

Luise said...

congrats on your n°1!
and all the best for your exhibitions, I feel so blessed that I got to see your work before in your studio, I'm really excited for you!

jess said...

I love the way you invite your audience into your curatorial thought process. It is so fascinating to think that the public may now have the ability to give an opinion as to "how" an art show or work may improve before it is made public. When it comes down to it, of course it is the artist's ultimate descision, but this notion of making personal descisions public is fascinating. Thank you for inviting the world into your studio!
The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship

aimee said...

i like the way the title of the exhibition sounds in english, too! congratulations on all of your shows and kudos in the press - well deserved! i am so excited to see your work getting more and more recognition.

●• Thereza said...

yes, congrats! it's always good to be busy with nice things.
have a lovely weekend my dear friend :))