Monday, November 26, 2007

tree shadow

This time of the year the light (i.e. sun) is either more or less absent - or creates fantastic shadows (the sun lingers close to the horizon all day - too lazy to get higher up). This morning I noticed these tree shadows.

I didn't continue to "round II" for the preschool art piece (public commission) - they didn't like my tree suggestion. I thought it was a really nice idea, my idea .... but on the other hand I don't know what fantastic ideas the other 42 artists presented. I get a lots of NO these days - scholarship applications, exhibits etc. Most of the time I just shake it off, but today I'm feeling low. Tired. Been working too much. I keep telling myself that soon soon I'll get less things to do and I might take a day off in the middle of the week. A day just for me. But I never seem to get less things to do...

Tomorrow I start to work with my enamels. Today I prepared for it at KKV. No more excuses.

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