Friday, November 30, 2007

enamel: day 4

I finished with the enamels today. I made what I should and even more and better then I had hoped. But I've had enough of enamel for now (working all days - and all nights dreaming that I work with it). So I'm not showing any photos of them. I'm planning to make space for them on my website - and then I'll put the link here. Or if I feel extra happy with them next week I might post another photo - we'll see.

Christmas is getting closer. People at KKV are making things to sell for that very special occasion - Sara Enqvist has been making bags all week. They looked very nice hanging there on a cord (second photo).

Barnaby Barford makes what I would call "ironic ceramics". Kitschy and skillfully made shiny surfaces - combined with critique of our society (a combination I like). By the way - what happened with the climate concern? Christmas is coming and there are thousands and thousands of lights lit everywhere (Göteborg is a Christmas City!).

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